About Us

LCPSoft is based in Moscow, Russia. The company specializes in software development and offers reliable data protection and computer security solutions.

Being a relatively new player on the market of security audit and data protection solutions, we successfully compete with leading products and are steadily winning our customers' trust.

Our software solutions are simple, intuitive and don’t have a steep learning curve.

The key advantage of our software is that it’s cross-platform. We develop our products using Java, which means that they can be successfully installed and run on various platforms: Windows, macOS or Linux.

The cross-platform nature of our software dramatically broadens the range of hardware and operating systems it can be used on. This makes it more accessible and affordable for small, medium and large enterprises alike.

We constantly improve our products based on our own expertise and the customers’ feedback. LCPSoft guarantees the reliability of its software and offers professional technical support to licensed users.