Quick Start


There are two types of distribution kits:

  • a platform-specific distribution kit bundled with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE);
  • a general distribution kit for any platform without the JRE.

Download and install Oracle JRE 10 before installing the general distribution kit.

Account information import

Import account information before you proceed with password recovery.

To import data of an operating system, click on Import Over SSH or Import From Shadow File in the Import menu.

To import data from a database, click on Import From Database in the Import menu. In the Import From Database window, specify the database connection parameters and click the Import button.

To import from text files with test data, click on Import From Text File in the Import menu.

Password recovery

Run the Begin Audit command in the Session menu to start the password recovery process. The default attack types are:

  • dictionary attack;
  • hybrid attack;
  • brute force attack.

The Pause Audit command temporarily pauses the password recovery process. Clicking Begin Audit resumes the recovery if its parameters have not been changed.

Generation of password recovery reports

Recovered passwords, metrics and charts can be presented as reports. Use the commands in the Report menu to create report files. For example, choose Combined to create a report with a list of accounts and charts.

Changing recovery parameters

Recovery parameters (dictionary list, character set, password length and such) can be changed in the Options window. To open the Options window, select Options in the Session menu.

Using rainbow tables (if precomputed hashes attack is supported by the program)

There is an additional type of attack called precomputed hashes attack, which uses rainbow tables. The programs are supplied with several small rainbow table files that are used for password recovery.

To use rainbow tables, go to the Options window, switch to the Precomputed Hashes Attack panel and do the following:

  • tick the Enable check box;
  • fill the Rainbow tables file list.